Support for BiDiB

Product Identifiers

BiDiB products must have a unique identifier, the so called Unique ID. This unique ID is used to identify a node and consists a VID (Vendor ID, product identifiers, this corresponds with the DCC convention), and a vendor-specific identification. This vendor-specific identification is further divided into a PID (Product-ID) and the serial number at range VID=13

0x0D 0x65 M OpenDCC GBM16TC 16-64 channel railcom® occupancy detector. (Evaluation module, stand-alone)
0x0D 0x66 IM OpenDCC GBM16TC 16-64 channel railcom® occupancy detector with interface.
0x0D 0x67 MB OpenDCC GBMBoost 16-64 channel Railcom-detector, integrated booster
0x0D 0x68 IMBD OpenDCC GBMBoost 16-64 channel Railcom-detector, integrated booster, interface, DCC Generator
0x0D 0x69 M BiDiB-S88-Brigde Interface for legacy s88 modules
0x0D 0x6A S BiDiB-IO16 Accessory-Node (4 servos, 8 outputs or 8 inputs)
0x0D 0x6B S LightControl 1 Light controller for 32 LEDs, 16 multi purpose outputs, 4 servos, 8 inputs; from
0x0D 0x6C S MobaList Light controller for 24 LEDs, 2 inputs; from mobalist
0x0D 0x6E - LightControl 1 Bootloader only
0x0D 0x6F - GBMBoost 1 Bootloader only
0x0D 0x70 - BiDiBOne Bootloader only
0x0D 0x71 S BiDiBOne OneTester: 24 LED-Testboard
0x0D 0x72 I BiDiBOne OneHub: a BiDiBus Hub
0x0D 0x73 S BiDiBOne OneDMX: DMX Controller
0x0D 0x74 - BiDiBOne OneBasis: Base module for BiDiBOne user configurations, no functions
0x0D 0x75 S BiDiBOne OneControl: Turnout and servo controller, full feedback of position
0x0D 0x76 S BiDiBOne OneIO: Universal input/output controller, 24 freely configurable ports
0x0D 0x77 - StepControl 1 Bootloader only
0x0D 0x78 SM StepControl 1 Stepper controller for turntables / traverser
0x0D 0x79 S - OneST: ServoTurnout-decoder with frog polarisation
0x0D 0x7A S BiDiBOne OneDriveTurn: Turnout and servo controller (16 IO, 8 servo, 8 motor control)
0x0D 0x7B S STµ STµ 4 Servos, 8 Relais (by Michael Volk)
0x0D 0x7C M S88-TLE S88: 16 TLE direct input, 1 external S88 input
0x0D 0x7D S Boot644P bootloader for Atmel 644P processors
0x0D 0x7E S Mobalist644 Mobalist644: 24 switch ports / light ports
0x0D 0x7F S LED_IO_24 LED_IO_24: 24 LEDs, directly controlled. (or 24 general purpose IO)
0x0D 0x81 S NeoControl Neo_EWS: lighteffects with WS281x/SK6812RGBW, in groups
0x0D 0x82 S ST4 ST4: 4 servos, 4 relay for frog polarisation
0x0D 0x83 - IF2 only bootloader
0x0D 0x84 I IF2 IF2: simple Interface with DCC Generator
0x0D 0x85 - OpPanel OpPanel: evaluation module for local control
0x0D 0x86 S GBM16TS OpenDCC GBM16TS: occupancy detector, 16 channels, railcom, standalone
0x0D 0x87-0xC7 - reserved for OpenDCC
0x0D 0xC8-0xCB - - Reserved for A.T.
0x0D 0xCC M BiDiBOne OneOC: Input module, 20 inputs with optocouplers
0x0D 0xCD S NeoControl Neo_Light: light control with WS2811 / neopixel, individual control of LEDs
0x0D 0xCE S NeoControl Neo_Signal: light control with WS2811 / neopixel, individual control of LEDs as well as signals
0x0D 0xCF M BiDiB-RS-GW RS-Bus-Gateway, eight nodes each with 128 Occupancies
0x0D 0xD0-0xDB - - Reserved for A.T.
0x0D 0xDC S Switch-64 Module by Jan Boen
0x0D 0xDD S LED-Optics Module by Jan Boen
0x0D 0xDE-0xE5 - - Reserved for Jan Boen
0x0D 0xE6 M GScaleOD 16 channel Occupancy Detector for scale G
0x0D 0xE7 B GScaleBoostAdapt CDE Booster Adapter for scale G
0x0D 0x8000 - OpenCarDecoderV3 only firmwareupdate
0x0D 0x8001 - RF-Basis only bootloader
0x0D 0x8002 D RF-Basis OpenCar Basis
0x0D 0x8003-0x80FF - - Reserved for OpenCar
0x3E 0x01 S Tams Bootloader only
0x3E 0x90 IM Tams Interface BiDiB interface with integrated s88 bridge
0x3E 0x91 M Tams feedback module 16 channel s88 module
0x3E 0x92 B Tams booster Booster
0x3E 0x93 M Hermes Occupancy Detector, 8 channels, current sensing, railcom
0x3E 0x193 - Hermes Bootloader only
0x3E 0x97 S Tams Multi-Decoder Servo and turnout decoder
Classes: I: Interface, M: Occupancy detector, S: Switch, B: Booster, D:DCC Generator