Support for BiDiB

Forum for developers

There is special developer forum located inside of the OpenDCC forum. This developer forum ('Entwicklerecke') is not visible to the public. We discuss issues and new features in BiDiB, we also share beta versions for testing before public release.

In the subforum BiDiB & Tools e.V. we organize votes for changes and new features to the BiDiB protocol.

Mail group registration (ended 2019)

A Yahoo email group was set up in order to coordinate the exchange of information between BiDiB implementors. This Mail Group is intended for hardware manufacturers and software suppliers. Sometimes, a formulation in the specification isn't clear or there is a wish for an modification or amendment.

Access to this email group is by invitation only. Please send your registration to (if mail address is not visible, enable JavaScript).

For registering, please provide the following information: full company address including phone number, name of the technical contact, why you would like to sign up and what you are going to implement. This information will be handled confidentially, but they are necessary. The number of participants should be kept as small as possible in order to work effectively.